• Laurie Baer

    Administrative Assistant

Laurie Baer joins our service team as an Administrative Assistant at Columbus Capital.  Dedicated to providing top notch customer service to each customer, Laurie strives to provide accurate, timely information each and every day.  Do you need to schedule a meeting?  Do you need information from us?  Laurie is your first stop.

Since graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business longer ago than she cares to admit, Laurie enjoyed successful careers in finance in New York City and in real estate sales and development in New Jersey.  She always planned to return to Central Ohio, it just took a bit longer than she anticipated.

Laurie’s greatest accomplishments rest in her three daughters.  Two have graduated from college and are launched out into the “real world” while the youngest will graduate in June of this year.

Outside of the office, Laurie is an active OWU alumna, service on the Alumni Association Ace Committee, the Alumnae Panhel Committee, and the Columbus Alumni Chapter Leadership Board.  She is currently the Alumnae Advisor to Delta Delta Delta as well.  When not stuck in traffic on her way to Delaware, Laurie and her dog Gertrude can be seen walking through their new neighborhood in the German Village, kayaking wherever the water is open and generally exploring historical spots throughout Ohio.