Internship Program

Financial Strategies Group, LLC is pleased to sponsor an intern program designed to increase public knowledge of the finance industry in our community.

The FSG internship is an immersive experience for rising college juniors and seniors.  While there are no prerequisite courses of study required, a basic understanding of finance and the US equity and fixed income markets will prove helpful. The two perquisites that do exist are a desire to learn and a commitment to work. During a typical internship the intern will work side by side assisting the investment advisers who are addressing the needs of actual clients, they will be given actual research assignments, become familiar with proprietary research tools, make comparisons of various investment options, meet with and interview product specialist, market strategist, writing research analysts, and investment bankers, and complete a financial planning case study.

Romil Patel
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Expected Graduation: Spring ‘23
Major: Finance- Investment Concentration


Evan Jacklin
Auburn University
Expected Graduation: Spring ‘23
Major: Finance

Evan Jacklin standing in front of a bookcase