Specialized strategies for business owners’ personal wealth

You’ve poured heart and soul into your business. Late nights, even earlier mornings. And it is thriving. What’s next? We can help you discover the opportunities you’ve created and turn toward your next objectives.

Planning your Next Steps:


At Fulcrum Wealth Consulting of Raymond James, we are passionate about helping business owners reach their full potential. With a deep understanding of the challenges that arise when operating a business, our core purpose is to serve, advise, and empower you through your business life cycle from open to exit. We are honored to accompany you through our tailored Business Consulting Process, and in doing so help you turn your life’s accomplishments into a lasting legacy.

Uncovering Opportunities

Business owners create their own opportunities, but those opportunities come with some distinct challenges, particularly when translating business wealth into personal well-being.

Our goal is to help unlock those opportunities and maximize the value of your business through Value Acceleration. Value Acceleration can help you balance your life and optimize your time while concurrently turning your business from successful to significant. By going through our six-step process, we will build a plan customized to you and your goals for your business and personal life creating the opportunity to maximize your business value and transferability.

The wealth of business owners is different. There are uncommon challenges, but also vast opportunity.
Matt West, CFP®, CEPA®; Vice President, Wealth Management, Certified Exit Planning Advisor