Sophisticated wealth management

Building Your Financial Future With Our Wealthcare Advisory Process.

The Metis team’s method for Wealth Planning is a process designed to work with you in creating and implementing a financial plan focused on your unique goals and financial situation. You’ll want to understand what is involved in each step along the way. At the same time you’ll want answers to some basic questions that everyone should ask when interviewing financial advisors.

Discover and Identify Your Major Life Goals

The Metis team’s method for Wealth Planning begins with listening to our clients describe their goals, values and important relationships. We build a graphic with what we discovered and then review it with our clients to make sure we got it right. We also want to understand your attitudes about risk.

Your Role

We find that many people need help organizing their personal finances because they often have things all over the place.  You’ll get a checklist of the things we’ll need to know about you and your financial resources. You should expect to share how you spend your money whether it’s on essentials like housing and healthcare or the things you dream of one day doing. Responsibility goes both ways and we can’t be of much help if we don’t have good information.

Refine and Prioritize

Working alongside you we set ranges on each of your goals – from what’s ideal to what’s acceptable. Next we’ll go through an exercise to help everyone involved understand what matters most to you. We strive to balance your needs and desires - aiming for your aspirations while being realistic.

Financial Projections and Strategies

You can’t predict the future and neither can we so we calculate the probabilities of achieving your goals by stress testing a range of scenarios. This is an interactive exercise in which you see how different variables compare.

At this stage we’ll share with our observations on what may be your financial blind spots. We’ll help you select a few to address and talk about strategies for how to remedy them.

Finalizing Your Plan

Things change and your goals will evolve. When they do we’ll make adjustments. In the meantime, we work with you to build out the action steps that will move you closer to your goals. We explain how we’ll carry out our responsibilities and guide you on how to do the same.

Communicating and Implementing

Plans without implementation are a waste of time and energy. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and ask you how you’re doing. This includes a follow-up meeting to go over your financial organization, read statements and help you understand anything that is unclear.

Monitor, Review and Revise

At regular intervals we’ll work together with you to do check-ups on how the plan is progressing. The goal is to keep the plan progress aligned with your goals. We’ll take another look at those financial blind spots and set new priorities.