Whether you are an individual with personal and family goals or the person charged with the financial goals of your organization, we are here to provide you with an array of financial and investment planning services essential to your success.

We will work hand in hand with you – and, if need be, your other professional advisors – to select the service that best suits your needs, then apply our investment insight and expertise to tailor the required service to your unique situation and with your specific goals in mind.


Faith. Patience. Discipline.

Our goal is to help clients grow and preserve their wealth through prudent, long-term investing. Maintaining faith in time-proven principles, we strive to reduce the impact of market volitility on portfolio performance by encouraging clients to focus on the aspect of investing over which they have complete control: their own decisions.

While it is a natural tendency for many inverstors to react emotionally to uncertainty and volitility in the market, our experience enables us to help our clients adhere patiently to disciplined, long-term investment strategies. It is our firm belief that this approach is key to achieving desireable investment results, preserving purchasing power and minimizing the chance of a costly mistake.


We'll take the following steps to help create your personalized investment plan:

  1. Assess

    • Through a series of informal discussions, we'll begin to develop our partnership on a personal level. we'll talk about your goals, values, and future aspirations.
  2. Develop

    • Based on your personal objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance, we'll develop a long-term investment plan suited to your specific needs and circumstances.
  3. Implement

    • After presenting our recommendations and securing your complete confidence, we'll put your plan into action.
  4. Monitor

    • Throughout our partnership, we'll provide the support you need to stick with your plan. we'll periodically review its performance and address any developments in your life that may require adjustments.


We understand that in order to provide the highest caliber of service and support, we must also provide access to high quality resources. That's why we've aligned with Raymond James- a premier financial services firm- to offer you every advantage when it comes to pursuing your goals.

You'll benefit from the powerful resources of one of the largest investment firms headquartered in the Southeast, yet you'll receive a level of personal care and attention typically only available in smaller settings. It's a combination you're not likely to find elsewhere. We strive to be more than just a team of professional advisors- we're a partner who takes the time to care and look after your well-being.

At the Main Street Financial Group, we believe we offer a truly comprehensive approach to helping our clients successfully accumulate and protect their hard-earned assets. By providing objective advice and support throughout life's stages, we'll help you to make confident decisions for your financial future.