Mark Guajardo Bio
Mark Guajardo Operations Manager

Mark has been in finance helping clients in a variety of roles since 1994. He started in back office bank operations and transitioned to investments in 1999 as an Equity and Options Trader with Citicorp and Charles Schwab. Later as an advisor with T. Rowe Price and USAA, Mark enjoyed helping clients understand their investment choices and discussing current economic events. Over time, he grew adept at converting complex strategies and concepts to simple, practical steps for clients to help grow their portfolios. In 2013, Mark spearheaded an independent advisory firm in San Antonio as Sales manager and Chief Compliance Officer. With his diverse background, Mark continues to utilize his skills to understand, interpret, and effectively relay the complex world of compliance to advisors. Before joining Raymond James in 2020, he worked as a Supervisory Principal for Frost Brokerage Services.

A native Texan, Mark took the unconventional route of not attending a Texas school! He is a Cum Laude graduate of Colorado Technical University where he earned a BSBA degree in Finance; and earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Mississippi State University. In addition, Mark is a Registered Options Principal, General Securities Principal and Municipal Securities Principal. Today, Mark continues to stay current with FINRA and SEC regulations to support the best interest of clients.

Mark and his wife, Amy, have 2 girls still at home keeping them very busy. He attends church primarily with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where he serves as an Elder and with Abiding Presence Lutheran in San Antonio. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in music and the fine arts, Mark enjoys attending various concerts and symphonies. He and his wife are members of the adult vocal and handbell choirs at Abiding Presence Lutheran. For fun and relaxation, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, attending various activities that his kids participate in, and all things musical.

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