About Our Practice

The principals in our practice have been colleagues for more than 25 years. Our clients trust us to help them invest and manage their wealth in a way that fosters their financial well-being. Whether working with high-net-worth individuals, families or select institutions, we always keep that trust in view.

Currently managing more than $2 billion in assets for our clients, our team represents over 100 years of collective experience in financial services. Our skills and knowledge are complemented by the vast informational and technological resources of Raymond James, an acknowledged leader in the financial services industry.

In designing financial strategies for our clients, we draw on concepts and principles formulated by some of the world’s most successful investors – renowned thinkers like Warren Buffett, Charles Ellis and Burton Malkiel. We combine that wisdom with sound research and investment products we believe to be the best in their categories. Incorporating our in-depth understanding of each client’s unique circumstances and needs, we ultimately create a distinctive plan that provides a road map for the client’s financial journey.