Investment Philosophy

As financial advisors, our mission is to enhance our clients’ quality of life through personalized wealth management strategies. In carrying out that mission, we follow the principles of "value investing," a pragmatic philosophy embraced by investment gurus like Robert Kirby, Shelby Davis, Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. Essentially, value investing involves identifying quality companies that, for any one of myriad reasons, are undervalued by the market. This creates the opportunity to purchase those companies for less than they are actually worth.

Value investing always includes a "margin of safety," which is defined as the discount of the market price in relation to the stock’s intrinsic value. This element can help preserve investors long term if some unforeseen factor should affect the performance of a specific stock.

For our clients, the benefit of value investing derives from being invested in quality companies for the long term. Because this approach offers the opportunity for long-term wealth creation rather than immediate gratification, it requires a high degree of investor discipline. That’s why we work hard to help our clients avoid unwise decisions based on emotion or the media. As author Louis Lowenstein says, "Value investing thus requires ... patient investors, those with the temperament as well as experience to feel comfortable even when sorely out of step with the crowd."

*Source: The Investor’s Dilemma, John Wiley & Sons 2008, p. 186.


There is no assurance any investment strategy, including "value investing," will be successful. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss.