Our Planning Process

Our process for designing your financial plan is as individualized as all other aspects of our service. But regardless of the ultimate direction of the plan, the process always begins with getting to know you and giving you the opportunity to know us, so that we can be true partners in building your financial future. We want to gain as complete an understanding as possible of your:

  • Overall goals and objectives
  • Tax liabilities
  • Income requirements
  • Family dynamics
  • Attitudes about risk and return
  • Preferred investment time frames
  • Hopes and concerns about your financial future

The personalized financial plan we design for you will be rooted in sound investment principles and practices. We don’t believe in picking stocks or trying to time the market. Nor do we select money managers based on past performance, since that is no indication of future results. Rather, your financial plan will consist of time-tested investment strategies geared to consistent long-term performance.

Your plan will also reflect the importance of avoiding emotional influences: overreacting to market volatility; making decisions based on fear or uncertainty; and being influenced by the media’s focus on short-term trends. Combining this objectivity with the principles of value investing produces a well-informed plan tailored to your needs and goals. As needed, we will collaborate with your accountant, attorney or other advisors to help carry out your plan in a cohesive way.

As the plan progresses, we will monitor its progress carefully and provide clear, informative reports. We will also communicate with you regularly to keep you up to date and educate you about your investments, encouraging you to stay focused on your goals and maintain a long-term view. And because of our commitment to customer service, we are always available to address your questions and concerns.