Social Security Webinar via Zoom Call with Roberta Eckert

Released 04-21-2020

Roberta Eckert, VP at Nationwide Retirement Institute provides a slideshow webinar over Social Security benefits for various life situations.

Market Update via Zoom Call with Michael Hayman

Released 04-08-2020

Michael Hayman, VP Asset Management Services at Raymond James & Associates gives a Market Update & a brief word on the upcoming presidential election.

Telephone Interview with Jim Ed Summers & NWABJ, Paul Gatling, regarding the Coronavirus

Released 03-04-2020

Jim Ed and Paul discuss the Coronavirus and the impact of this on the 2020 Financial Outlook

Your Business Is Not Your Empire

Released 01-07-2020

Most owners dream of building a business they can sell. Fulfilling all the dreams of family time and hobbies sacrificed to build the business empire. Only to find out, after taxes & fees, the sale proceeds do not generate an income comparable to the cash flow from the business. This is the reality business owners staring at retirement eventually wake up to.

2020 – Is it time to get out of the market?

Released 03-05-2020

I don’t feel good about what is unfolding with the Coronavirus. Yes, I think it is a bit over blown in the media, but from a business perspective, it has been disruptive.

Wealth Building Basics for Young Professionals

Released 10-23-2019

One of the things I enjoy sharing with young professionals are steps to consider to help them start their financial journey to reach a successful end result. Each person has a definition of success, so any plan must match the end goal for the unique circumstances we each possess.

Then & Now: Passion, love for the job sustain Kestner’s career

Released 08-03-2019

Troy Kestner is passionate about helping people. As a financial planner, he is clearly in the right profession.