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RICP® The Mark of Expertise in Retirement Income Planning

What is the RICP®?

The RICP® is a professional designation for financial advisors. Having the RICP® designation means the advisor has a specialized education in retirement income, and is committed to professional and ethical best practices.

Why is the RICP® different?

Typically, financial advisors are trained to help clients accumulate wealth. But what happens in retirement? Clients need to ensure that the wealth they’ve spent decades building will last through retirement, and maybe even beyond. The RICP® is a mark of certification that acknowledges that your advisor has the knowledge to help you enjoy a secure and sustainable retirement.

An RICP® is trained to mitigate the major risks clients face in retirement

Why select an RICP®?

If you are already retired, preparing to retire, or plan to retire in the future, you need to select a welltrained, educated, and qualified financial professional to help develop a retirement income plan that will meet your needs. When you find an RICP®, you know that he or she has the specific education and knowledge that can help you think through all the complexities of making your resources last throughout retirement.

Benefits of working with an RICP®:

  • Build a comprehensive retirement income plan that addresses income needs and other financial goals
  • Choose your optimal retirement age
  • Plan for the risks faced in retirement like the uncertainties of life expectancy, inflation, health status, and investment climate
  • Make claiming decisions that maximize Social Security benefits
  • Obtain health insurance coverage to supplement Medicare or provide coverage prior to Medicare eligibility
  • Prepare for late-life needs including longterm care, and other needs due to physical and mental decline
  • Consider ways to improve a plan through taking advantage of tax savings plans and other tax considerations

The mark of RICP® is the property of The American College of Financial Services and may be used by individuals who have successfully completed the initial and ongoing certification requirements for this designation. The College can disallow use of the RICP® if advisors do not adhere to the program’s ethical standards, continuing education, and other requirements. *Based on 2016 data from the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics and The American College of Financial Services.

Information taken from The American College of Financial Services.  To learn more, visit: THEAMERICANCOLLEGE.EDU/RICP