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New year, new opportunities to look ahead

Happy New Year! We expect this message finds you filled with anticipation for the opportunities that 2024 holds. The beginning of a new year provides a perfect moment to reflect on the past and recalibrate your goals for the year ahead – and beyond. Here are a handful of financial resolutions to help you get started:

Optimize your tax strategy.
Tax strategy is an important part of your wealth management plan, and among the most complex. By starting early, you’ll give yourself more time to identify and take full advantage of any tax deductions, credits or estate tax exemptions. The new year is the perfect opportunity to improve your portfolio’s tax efficiency by working together with us to review your annual turnover rate or rebalance with tax-advantaged securities.

Update your estate plan and gifting strategies.
Life happens. Families, names and assets are prone to change over time. Spare yourself and your loved ones from future frustration by updating the names on your account, reviewing your listed beneficiaries and regularly checking insurance policies. Consider what’s changed since last year and if you need to set up a new trust to fund a specific aspect of your estate plan or charitable strategy.

Digitize your recordkeeping.
Digital tools and technologies enable a more centralized and accessible approach to recordkeeping. Going paperless by switching to online statements for your financial accounts is great first step. Apps can also help you manage, track and understand your investments. By going digital, you’ll benefit from greater security, easier control and access, and less paper clutter in your home.

We want to make sure you’re on track to reach your financial goals, and now is the ideal opportunity to consider the future. Remember, your financial success is our shared priority and we are here for you all year long. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to schedule a conversation.

Material prepared by Raymond James for use by its advisors.