Retirement plan information and offerings



Trustee Directed Retirement Plans

Participant Directed Retirement Plans

Investment Selection

Investment decisions are controlled by the professional investment advisor and the trustee(s) of the plan

Investment choices are controlled by each individual participant

Employee Education

No time and expense is required for employee education. Typically portfolio updates are provided to match the business owners’ preferences

Employee education is required to meet 404c regulations

Investment Returns

Typically returns are better, given the ‘emotions’ of the individual participant are removed from the equation

While investment choices do well for their style; ‘participant emotions’ can affect the actual returns experienced

Plan Structure

Plans can be customized to meet the goals of the business owners

Offers the most choices to the individual participant

Investment Choices

Unlimited access to investment options

Broad, diversified investment choices, limited by record keeping platforms


Generally a less costly plan structure

Generally a more costly plan structure

Daily Valuation

No daily valuation of the portfolio holdings for individuals

Daily valuation of the portfolio holdings on an individual basis


  • Who is this plan designed to benefit? The owner? The employees? Or both?
  • How many dollars are we, as a business, willing to invest into our employees through such a plan?
  • Will our employees be able and willing to take advantage of such a plan through salary deferral?

After working through such issues, one of the next key questions will be: Should this plan be a trustee directed plan or a participant directed plan?

Both plans have their unique benefits and shortcomings. The goal is to best match the plan to the goal of the plan sponsors/business owners and the employees.

We offer a complimentary review to show how you can increase the value and efficiency of your employee retirement plan. Our years of experience and creative thinking in providing customized retirement plans may make us the ideal partner for you, your business and your employees.

Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Diversification does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.