Financial counsel for executives & professionals

The rewards of a successful career can generate many complexities – and questions, as well. How can I maximize my executive compensation in a tax-efficient manner? Does having so much in company stock put me at risk? Should I move my 401(k) when I move to another firm? Are there any other strategies I can use, such as protection afforded by life insurance, disability insurance or long-term care? The Steckler Wealth Management Group is here to provide the guidance you need.

As an executive or professional, you spend your time and energy between the office and home, with little to spare. You know your personal portfolio deserves that same level of dedication and high-level thought, and with us as your partner, you gain the confidence of knowing we are guiding you on the straightest path to your financial objectives.

Between the demands of leading your company or practice and the complex nature of your personal finances, it’s only natural to want to ensure your assets are in order and working as hard as you do. So we’ve created an efficient, consultative process to evaluate your case individually and tailor holistic strategies around your specific circumstances.

We understand the challenges you face, such as finding solutions for concentrated stock positions and strategies to protect your family and your legacy. Our expertise extends to all types of executive transactions, equity-based compensation, company trading policies, and regulatory requirements that impact transactions in company stock. We offer personalized guidance on these important issues and more – freeing you to focus on what matters most.