Financial guidance for you & your family

We know you want to feel confident about your financial future, but you have many questions. Am I in the right investments? Am I saving enough for retirement? How can I protect myself and my family in the case of unforeseen circumstances? How can I fund my children’s college educations? How can I ensure that I don’t run out of money? Am I doing all I can to ultimately enjoy financial freedom?

We understand and we’re here for you, just as we are for the many successful individuals and families we serve who understand the wisdom of having a well-designed financial plan for addressing important priorities.

If you are approaching retirement, planning and preparation are key in determining when to retire, or how much longer you should work in order to support your lifestyle. However, the importance of planning doesn’t diminish when you retire.

We’re here to help you with preserving your wealth and creating a sustainable income stream throughout your retirement. We can implement a strategy that addresses both your need for monthly income and your desire to make your money last.

We also have deep experience in addressing other important financial matters successful individuals face, including asset protection, tax planning, managing cash flow, managing education debt, valuing a company or practice for purchase or sale and, ultimately, enjoying financial independence.

The importance of family is a universal theme among our clients, so we take extra care to understand their family dynamics and address the wishes they have for their loved ones. We help our clients have a legacy strategy that not only provides for their family and the organizations they’re passionate about, but also has the potential to generate tax benefits and further their overall wealth management plan.

Many times, we find that a family’s wealth is concentrated in a single stock, received through inheritance or benefits from a successful business career. We have strategies designed to resolve this risk, while also mitigating the tax implications.

Our objective is to serve as your financial planning team for life, handling all matters related to managing and preserving your wealth, and building your legacy – so you are free to focus on the people and priorities in life that matter to you most.