Thoughtful support For successful individuals

As a busy individual with many responsibilities, you simply do not have time nor desire to address all the details that managing your wealth entails. You see the far-reaching benefits of assigning these duties to a trusted financial team – so you can devote your time to the people and priorities in your life.

This line of thinking is shared by our many successful clients. They are high achievers and hard workers who are extremely driven – and as a result, have high expectations for their financial advisors as well.

The majority of our clients have $1 million to $5 million in investible assets, although we have no hard-and-fast rule for account size and serve clients with both higher and lesser amounts. A significant number of them are specialized physicians, business owners and executives of many of the major corporations with large offices in Decatur.

We are proud of the high level of trust and confidence our clients place in us – and understand the enormous responsibility it entails. We consistently apply a high level of thought and practicality to the financial decisions we make in order to manage and preserve their wealth.

The relationships we develop with our clients are a big part of our success. Personal friendships often expand to include their children and grandchildren and, as often is the case, our duties expand to managing the wealth of multiple generations.