More than +121 years of our team’s combined financial service experience illuminates everything we do. 

Acting in Our Clients’ Best Interests

Dedicated to wealth management, our team acts from a commitment to stay up to date on developments affecting the financial industry. 

Then, we tune into and explore those few changes that will make a difference in our clients’ lives.

Putting Together the Pieces of Your Unique Puzzle

Through questioning, we identify the pieces of your puzzle and investigate the dimensions of each one. 

For example, when you call on us for retirement planning, we probe deeply to track down your concerns, needs, and desires along with your risk tolerance, time horizons, and more. 

Through our 1816 Wealth Management Partners of Raymond James Process we strive to assemble all distinct pieces to organize and complete your unique puzzle.

Calling on All Essential Resources

In addition, we tap into the offerings of Raymond James to multiply the resources that touch a client’s life.

Your solution may require the services of a CPA, banker, or an attorney.  When called for, we will coordinate the expertise of other professionals to help put together your puzzle.

See how our Financial Planning Process helps to design your special solution.