Are you thriving in retirement?

As you advance through retirement, you are seeing the results of your pre-retirement planning. 

You may be measuring your plan against priorities such as preserving your hard-earned wealth, creating a sustainable income throughout your retirement, or maintaining your lifestyle. 

Life Can Be Surprising  

As you progress through a retirement that could last 30 years, you may encounter events or forces that baffle you.  You may find that these happenings as they play out aren’t what was predicted in your plan.  For instance: 

  • What can you do about the rising costs of healthcare?
  • Will you be able to afford to continue to help a child who needs assistance longer than you had expected?
  • What will be the effect on your retirement of working longer than you had intended?

Helping You Adapt As the Years Unfold

1816 Wealth Management Partners concentrate more than 121 years of combined financial experience on your retirement to help create your personal plan for your unique circumstances. And we are here to monitor and adapt your current retirement plan as the years unfold and circumstances change.

Winging it is not an answer for your retirement. If you don’t have a plan you’re comfortable with (or you don’t have a plan), it’s not too late to see where planning can improve your situation.

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Our goal is to help you live the life you’ve dreamed of and make your money last.