1816 Wealth Management Partners of Raymond James reinforces our strengths with the large corporate resources of the financial powerhouse Raymond James.

We always act from the principle of doing what is in our client’s best interests.

Raymond James supports this tradition of objectivity and adds a broad selection of non-proprietary investment products to satisfy our clients’ needs and desires.

Focusing on Long-Term Planning

In 1962 Bob James set out to build a different kind of financial services firm – one that would focus on long-term planning. 

Since then, Raymond James has been a leader in the industry dedicated to independence, integrity, conservative risk management, and always putting clients and the advisors who serve them first.

Also, Raymond James contributes award-winning research in a broad range of subjects to support 1816 Wealth Management Partners of Raymond James’s investment advice.

We invite you to discover how the team at 1816 Wealth Management Partners of Raymond James can help you advance to your goals.