As a widow or divorcee, you may be experiencing deep emotional strain and upheaval.  Suddenly, you could be facing money issues that you do not feel equipped to handle.

You may feel vulnerable or uncertain about how to address the daunting challenges in front of you. 

You may be unsure of where to start because your assets are scattered in a dozen directions such as in retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, cash accounts, and more. 

Helping You Avoid Missteps

You can feel the relief that arrives from gaining an empathetic financial advisor at your side – someone who puts your interests above their own.  Your advisor allows you to move forward at your own pace to help you to:

  • Unwind complex financial issues,
  • Get a handle on cash flow and your spending,
  • Gather all pieces of your financial life to complete your own unique puzzle.

Gaining Answers

For answers that address your personal needs and desires, we invite you to experience our disciplined, yet compassionate and reassuring planning process. 

You can discover more about our 1816 Wealth Management Partners of Raymond James by contacting us here.