Continually, you deal with risks such as the possibility that production levels will be less than projected, perhaps from destructive weather conditions. 

Another big risk you face is financial.  This can arise from situations such as lower than expected profits or higher cash demands for your family’s needs. 

Looking ahead, you realize how vital it is to plan for your desired life in retirement. 

Finding Answers to Your Concerns

1816 Wealth Management Partners focuses more than 121 years of combined financial services experience on creating your unique financial plan – one that helps to discover answers to your concerns about your future. 

You may have questions such as:

  • How can I ensure the liquidity I need?
  • Where will I find sources for retirement income when I’ve reduced my working hours?
  • How can I unify family members around the future of our farm?

The life of a farmer has many dimensions.  When called for, Sursa Griner & O’Donovan Wealth Management of Raymond James can assemble and quarterback a team of professionals experienced in helping to connect all pieces of your financial puzzle.

We invite you to discover how the 1816 Wealth Management Partners of Raymond James Process can help to resolve your puzzling questions and concerns.