You may have concerns about whether your charitable contributions are truly making an impact. 

Clients who are exceptionally generous (with charitable gifts amounting to $10,000 or more annually) may benefit from a comprehensive philanthropy plan.

For those clients we consider philanthropy to be an essential component of their financial plan.  For instance, certain charitable strategies can enhance a client’s retirement or estate plan.

Devising a Charitable Giving Plan That Benefits Your Charitable Interests and Your Bottom Line

We often partner with your attorney or accountant to design a strategy that helps meet your objectives. 

In addition to having knowledge of many local and national charities, we can utilize the Raymond James Charitable. Raymond James Charitable is a 501(c)(3) public charity that operates a donor advised fund and other giving options.

As a public charity, Raymond James Charitable seeks donations from the general public. Donations qualify as charitable contributions eligible for a federal income tax deduction.

Raymond James Charitable is unique among donor advised funds.  Unlike many others, it invests in mutual funds other than those offered by a sponsoring firm, providing you with greater choices of investment options.

Investigating Options with Clients

While many will choose a Donor Advised Fund, we are also ready to explore choices such as a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Pooled Income Fund, or a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT).

Which Choice Is Best for You? 

You can turn to 1816 Wealth Management for help in allocating your charitable gifts in a way that meets your desires and complements your financial plan. 

We invite you to talk with us about your charitable giving by contacting us HERE.