Nurturing community, conservancy and prosperity

At Hickok & Boardman Capital Management, we are proud of the community in which we live. As financial professionals, philanthropy is not only part of our responsibility in advising clients but a larger part of our culture and the values we have as individuals. Our success has been driven by our clients, so we want it to benefit their community. We created the Hickok & Boardman Capital Management Charitable Endowment Fund for this purpose and made our first deposit in 2021 with a portion of our revenue. Our intention is to continue to fund it every year and continuously increase our contributions to support our community, ad infinitum.

We manage this fund ourselves and manage it free of charge. We are not assessing our current or future clients higher fees to fund this vision.

Our fund will benefit three areas: the people within our community, the animals we love and the environment. We will begin distributing funds to qualified public charities in our community in fall/winter 2022.

In addition to creating the Hickok & Boardman Capital Management Charitable Endowment Fund, it is also our privilege to serve as active volunteers throughout our community. We spend countless hours volunteering for a wide variety of organizations. We believe our commitment helps to strengthen the overall health of our community and is one of the many reasons our community is special.

Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse, authorize or sponsor the Hickok & Boardman Capital Management Charitable Endowment Fund. This fund does not accept client or public donations.