Managing Wealth for corporate executives

Corporate executives need to address a number of complex financial matters, such as managing stock options in a tax-efficient manner, mitigating the risk of holding a large concentration of company stock, and even evaluating strategies around deferred compensation. However, because of the time-consuming demands of their jobs and the complex nature of their personal financial circumstances, planning on their own can be challenging.

At Peninsula Private Wealth, we are well versed in creating wealth-preserving and tax-efficient strategies for executives and upper-level managers. We have experience working with employees of Amazon and automobile industry companies such as Ford, GM and Stellantis. Our objective is to help each client derive maximum value from their executive compensation and benefits program.

To this end, we can help you determine the opportune time to exercise stock options, the tax implications of such actions, and how your benefits fit into the overall picture with your retirement and estate planning. We can also discuss your 401(k) options if you plan to change companies or exit the workforce.

As your financial guides, we provide a comprehensive financial plan that fits your life and the future you envision– helping you to manage your investments and mitigate taxes, while also addressing essential matters such as generational wealth transfer and charitable giving.

Raymond James does not provide tax or legal services. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional.

Peninsula Private Wealth, and Raymond James are independent from, and are not affiliated with nor endorsed, authorized, or sponsored by Amazon, Ford, GM and Stellantis.