What Real Financial Advisors Do For Their Clients


  • Explain the exact nature of their relationship with you, including how they are paid
  • Systematically analyze your portfolio for cost-efficiency
  • Make conflict-free recommendations
  • Educate you so you know exactly what you are investing in, and why
  • Help you integrate your 401(k)/403(b) plans with your other investments
  • Follow a long-term investment process that ignores short-term outcomes, which are usually based on luck
  • Apply risk management strategies that have high probabilities of being successful
  • Seek to manage your behavior and keep you from acting impulsively
  • Help keep you focused on the things you can control
  • Construct and Update your family’s written Financial Plan
  • Use your Financial Plan to help you find your financial blind spots and seek financial freedom
  • Talk with you about strategies to efficiently fund college educations
  • Create your retirement income plan by coordinating your Social Security benefits with your spouse’s benefits, and any pensions
  • Educate you as to what is considered a safe withdrawal rate for your portfolio
  • Talk with you about when to start Social Security, and which strategy fits best for you
  • Talk with you about your legacy, and efficient wealth transfer techniques
  • Talk with you about the relationship between your portfolio and your taxes
  • Offer to meet with your accountant and estate attorney, and be the quarterback of your wealth team
  • Help clients who own businesses understand, select, and build the right company retirement plan
  • Advise clients on efficient strategies for preserving and transferring IRA assets, including Roth conversions
  • Develop criteria for their ideal client, and are willing to tell you that you might not be a good fit
  • Work with a limited number of clients
  • Communicate with you in the way you are most comfortable; in person, telephone, email, or a combination
  • Provide you with responsive and caring service

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt