Managing lasting wealth in our unique community

We are a locally-owned and operated practice, affiliated with Raymond James, the internationally respected financial services company.

We have provided professional financial services in the Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz area for more than 30 years. Our successful families, institutional investors and philanthropic clients are primarily located in the Silicon Valley, Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas. We also work selectively with affluent clients throughout the United States and internationally. Our clients and community have financially benefited from the global value of Silicon Valley innovation and growth.

As the "Baby Boomer" generation transitions from working to retiring, we are focused on retirement planning, mitigation of risk, proactive legacy planning, the transfer of wealth between spouses, and the multi-generational transfer of assets and values.

We are sought-after speakers presenting on retirement planning, social security maximization, legacy planning and philanthropy. Let’s set up a no-obligation consultation to understand if we can make an impact on your life.