The people who benefit most from our services fit certain criteria:

They are Financial Delegators: Our clients are people who understand the value of delegating their financial matters to professionals - so they can spend more time on important activities that cannot be delegated.

They are Passionate about Goals: Our clients have big goals - and they are excited about taking action that moves them towards the achievement of those goals.

They Enjoy Simplicity: Our clients enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and confidence that comes from having all of their financial matters under the watchful eye of one trusted advisor.

They have Significant Assets: Our charitable endowment clients have raised funds exceeding $3 million, while our private clients have more than $1 million in investable assets, so need very carefully considered and appropriate advice.

They Value Our Work Together: Our clients recognize the value of having a comprehensive financial plan that is in complete alignment with their goals and their values.

They Can Handle the Truth: Our clients want to hear the truth from us regarding their financial situation…no matter what.

If this sounds like you, your family or charitable organization, we look forward to working with you for years to come and helping make a difference to your lives.