An Introduction to Personal Wealth Management for Successful Silicon Valley Families

You are not the average executive.

As a Silicon Valley tech executive, you have invested years of your life taking calculated risks and quantifying success.

Your work has paid off, and you now have choices: you can continue working, or not.

Are you excited by another round of technical innovation, or are you ready for a completely new direction? Is family or community a growing focus in your life? Are you planning to make a meaningful difference in the world?

You know that financial security can be fragile. Whatever your next move, it should include protecting what you have achieved.

In TECH SUCCESS, Trevor Strudley and Heather Stiles present their experience and extensive research to help you in your transition to the next phase of your life. You will gain strategies and tools to:

  • examine all aspects of wealth management that will impact you and your family—including financial and risk management, tax, estate, and philanthropic planning;
  • reduce the stress and uncertainty of your spouse or partner, who may feel inadequately prepared for the legal, financial, and medical responsibilities that can arise when change happens; and
  • learn about the potential benefits of legacy planning and philanthropic giving strategies.

TECH SUCCESS was released in March 2017, and is now available for purchase from bookstores and online at Amazon. All book sales will be donated to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County.

If you are an accredited investor planning for a work-optional future, contact us for your complimentary copy of TECH SUCCESS.

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