You are busy changing the world.

Perhaps curing cancer with personalized pharmaceuticals, transforming clean energy production, or developing the next generation of mobile communications. You may be revolutionizing transportation systems, on this planet or beyond. Technology advances, including those you are leading, are transforming lives around the globe.

Now it’s time for you to consider taking care of the future for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a change of lifestyle, contemplating retirement, or still enthusiastically working, this book provides thought-provoking ideas to help plan your future.

Distilling their decades of Silicon Valley experiences, Trevor and Heather authored this practical guidebook on wealth management to benefit technology-focused executives and their families. Tech Success reflects lessons learned from hundreds of client experiences, and includes insights from local experts in the fields of wealth management, tax and estate planning, insurance, and philanthropic giving.

As the president of Raymond James Financial Services, I direct a team of dedicated associates supporting approximately 8100 independent financial advisors, assisting their clients with managing close to $774 billion in total invested assets*. Raymond James affiliated financial advisors have been serving private clients in California since 1985. In fact, Heather was one of Raymond James’ earliest women advisors in the Bay Area. Trevor, meanwhile, spent two decades working internationally in technology before joining his wife Heather in her private wealth management practice.

Trevor and Heather are an innovative team. Their combined experiences, technical skills, and collaborative approach enable them to focus on advising a select group of successful clients and families from Silicon Valley and Northern California.

Trevor and Heather holistically consider all members of a family―the concerns of a spouse or partner, preparing for and thoughtfully caring for senior family members, and educating children and grandchildren about financial matters. This book addresses these topics and many more. In fact, Heather has written a chapter entirely devoted to family issues from the viewpoint of a spouse or partner.

Since life rarely progresses according to a script, this book also identifies potential risks that have derailed the plans of affluent Silicon Valley families, and how to manage some of those issues.

Silicon Valley is a highly diversified and international population. As a member of the community, you likely have global concerns, commercially or personally. Trevor, as a “resident alien” from Europe, is well qualified to address financial considerations while looking through a slightly different lens.

Most of us would like to leave this world with a lasting legacy for family, community or a special interest. Trevor and Heather have integrated valuable advice from local estate attorneys and philanthropic advisors on how to purposefully plan your heritage.

Online investment algorithms have automated and commoditized basic investing. Nevertheless, it may never become possible for online tools to supplant the personal relationships and insights developed between sophisticated clients and their trusted professional advisors. The insights in this book illustrate why personal financial advice will remain a highly customized experience for successful Silicon Valley leaders, like you, already at the forefront of technology advancements.

Thank you for your work, positively impacting all our lives through technological innovation. Now take the time to benefit from Heather and Trevor’s thoughtful and pragmatic advice contained in “Tech Success: How Technology Executives and their Families Manage Meaningful Wealth”.

*As of 3/31/2020.

Scott Curtis
Raymond James Financial Services