Successful Tech Execs and their Family Members

Our TECH SUCCESS book is intended for successful technology executives and their family members (spouse or partner), who have financial complexity and investable assets greater than $1 million. The “accredited investor” threshold has been selected because the book addresses issues specific to higher net worth individuals.

The book is also relevant for three other select groups of readers:

  • Nonexecutive senior managers and their families, with significant wealth
  • Venture-capital investors and their families
  • Young entrepreneurs who anticipate having substantial wealth in the future due to equity in a lucrative technology company or product

Management Matters

While you might not consider yourself to be an “executive,” many of the topics raised by this book are also directly relevant to successful senior managers and their families who are experiencing the issues of significant wealth. Work may now be optional for you, too, and it’s important to appropriately manage the complexity you’re undoubt­edly facing as you contemplate the transfer of your life’s work and values to the next generation.

Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained

Venture capital drives the pace of Silicon Valley almost as much as the brilliance of engineers and technology visionaries. As an entrepre­neurial venture capitalist, you are very comfortable taking significant risk with your firm’s investments and your personal assets. However, in the event of your unexpected death or incapacity, without your expertise, your family may need to take a more carefully considered, conservative approach that potentially reduces future risk.

The First Million is the Hardest

While the book is designed for technology leaders who are accredited investors with more than one million dollars in investable assets, it contains valuable information for anyone who is intentionally on the road to success. If you’re in a start-up or an entrepreneur who is serious about your business, throughout this book there are valuable takeaways to help you and your family prepare for the road ahead. In addition, Appendix B—Top Ten Ideas for Financial Success—brings together practical advice from Silicon Valley technologists, advisors, and retirees on how they reached, and retained, their initial financial successes.

Divorcees and Survivors

This book will also benefit divorcees and bereaved spouses, who may be inheriting a complex financial situation. If you were previously married to a highly compensated technology executive, we provide specific guidance on transitioning to a full, rewarding and confident life.

Above all — this is your resource to free up your creative energy and focus on you and your family’s next great adventure!

If you are an accredited investor keen to read TECH SUCCESS please contact us for your complimentary copy.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. There are no guarantees. Past performance does not predict future results. Work with an advisor who can clearly explain the risks, not just the rewards, of your wealth management. Any opinions are those of Trevor Strudley and Heather Stiles and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James.