THE BEAUTIFUL MEANING behind our practice name

In the Bible, Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells the Parable of the Talents. He describes the stewardship of our blessings. The word “talent” in this parable has two meanings. It is a monetary unit: it was the largest denomination of the time. But more broadly interpreted, the talents refer to all of the gifts God has given us.

This definition embraces all gifts natural, spiritual and material. It includes our natural abilities and resources – our health, education, as well as our possessions, money and opportunities. The parable contains a crucial lesson about how we are to be stewards of our God-given capacities and resources.

The bottom line is you can count on us to serve as responsible stewards of your wealth vigilantly looking out for the financial well-being of your business, organization and family. Whether it’s pursuing your retirement and legacy goals, mitigating your risk or taxes, or resolving financial issues, we’ll be there for you.