nicole singleton
Nicole Singleton Financial Advisor Branch Manager

As a financial advisor and branch manager, Nicole has followed a guiding motto about service that has shaped her career: It should be ridiculously easy for our clients to work with us.

In practice, this means she puts in the time to help ensure her clients feel comfortable and confident in their financial plans and decisions as they pursue their goals. She helps them be prepared for life, addressing their specific needs and circumstances, including the turns life can suddenly present. Nicole also builds managed investment strategies aligned with her clients’ specific needs, goals, timelines, tolerance for risk and other special considerations.

Her service motto also leads Nicole to never shy away from challenging tasks, utilizing her creativity and drive to streamline back-office processes and to create new resources that help enhance her clients’ experience. This mix of organizational diligence and innovation keeps her clients’ informed, educated about their financial positioning, and above all, keeps their needs at the front of every decision.

Nicole is originally from Colorado City, just right down the road from Snyder. She is a graduate of Texas Tech University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in personal financial planning. As many of her family members work in the energy and agriculture industries, she has a deep understanding of the specific opportunities and considerations facing others in those industries.

Outside the office, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, supporting her kids in their school activities and extracurriculars. She and her husband, Clint, have two children, Steeley and Wilton. When she isn’t chasing after kids, Nicole can often be found running for her own health and enjoyment.