Addressing the objectives of INSTITUTIONS

Our institutional clients, such as endowments, defined contribution plans and pensions, come to us for our insightful financial advisory and fiduciary guidance so they can continue to focus on their purposeful initiatives.

Our team collaborates with their directors, board members and other professional advisors such as trustees, attorneys and CPAs to monitor expenses and adhere to a fiduciary standard of care. We help them maintain a well-defined plan, beginning with an Investment Policy Statement designed to bring continuity to the decision-making even as committee members and fiduciaries change.

With recent changes in the laws, our clients want to ensure that they remain in compliance with all DOL and ERISA regulations and laws. The team at The Mahoney Group can work with you to make sure you have policies and procedures in place designed to meet your fiduciary responsibilities and evaluate the funds and expenses of your plans. We also offer our consulting services a la carte if you would prefer to leave your assets with your current custodian.

Our fiduciary commitment

As co-fiduciaries, the members of The Mahoney Group are required by law and practice to act solely in the interests of, and with undivided loyalty to our clients. Our advice and recommendations must align with your specific objectives, timeframe and risk tolerance.

Held to the industry’s highest standards, our team is committed to upholding our fiduciary responsibilities and practices while focusing on the financial objectives, values and legacies of our clients. We manage fiduciary assets by following a consistent and repeatable investment process that we develop, implement and execute on a continual basis.

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John Steinbeck