Insight into How WE HELP

Managing an employer-based retirement plan is a big responsibility, but a most noble cause as well for it has such tremendous potential to make a difference in the lives of the people who work for you. It’s why we are dedicated to providing proactive and comprehensive advocacy and assistance to you throughout all facets of the process. Our team approaches every decision with discipline, transparency and control – and we hope our guidance exceeds your expectations.

We know that, as a plan sponsor, you seek advocacy and assistance through all facets of the retirement plan process: fiduciary, investment management, participant education/communication and recordkeeping/administration.

We’ll work together with you to assess your needs, define success, set goals, and evaluate and document the progress on an ongoing basis. This, of course, includes continually searching for ways to improve in areas such as technology, reporting, fees, plan design and ERISA 404(c) compliance.

With your approval and input, we can also conduct due diligence on your plan providers, assessing the marketplace from a tools, service and cost perspective.

By analyzing the investment behavior of your plan’s participants, we can help you create a diversified investment menu. In addition to conducting traditional manager research, we can also make recommendations on qualified default investment alternatives, appropriate target retirement date funds and stable value funds.

We know that the success of your plan also hinges on the level of your employee participation and engagement. We will develop a communications strategy to encourage enrollment and participation and help your employees get the most out of your plan, understand its benefits, and appreciate the time and money your organization invests on their behalf. To this end, we can host group meetings that are plan specific, conduct webinars on broader financial themes, and even have one-on-one conversations with individual employees.

It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.

John Steinbeck