Strategy & Expertise

Fine-tune your investment program

Our management and support teams can help you effectively analyze and address the critical issues that are vital to the success of your investment program. Drawing on decades of experience, we can help you move from a traditional, transaction-based revenue model to a fee-based revenue model. Our approach, combined with the products, resources and support of a full-service brokerage provider, enables our partners to compete head-on with wirehouses and other investment providers.

Peer analytics

See how your operation measures up.

This internal reporting tool compares your institution to other Raymond James affiliated institutions of similar size. It provides statistical data through a variety of charts and graphs showing, but not limited to, asset size, revenue, staffing metrics and return on assets. We assist you in interpreting the data, analyzing it and then developing a plan to take advantage of your key areas of opportunity.


An overview of your business.

A variety of reports are available to support your institution’s investment program. The most widely utilized report is the Focus Report that provides an overview of your investment program’s data including asset and revenue metrics in various dashboard formats. You can generate predefined reports of frequently accessed information, or create custom reports based on the information you need.

There are many reports available. The various categories of reports are listed below:

Business Reports
- Assets Reports
- Product Ratings Reports
- Standings Reports
- Production Reports

Client Reports
- Accounts Reports
- Activity Reports
- Client Segmentation Reports
- Holdings Reports

Advisor recruiting

Recruit and retain the best.

Experienced investment professionals know the importance of being affiliated with a top-tier securities firm. They will be looking for a well-regarded firm with a robust product line and sophisticated support.

Clearly, top talent makes a critical different in the success of your program. We can make it easier to identify, attract and retain top advisors, who will know that Raymond James is a recognized and respected name in the securities business. High-caliber advisors will also appreciate having access to our full range of products as well as our experienced support staff, self-clearing capabilities, sophisticated technology, research, comprehensive marketing and personalized sales management.