Research & Strategies

Get the right information to make the right investment.

Since the founding of the firm, quality research has been a hallmark of Raymond James. In fact, with one of the largest research departments off Wall Street, we’re able to serve our clients better without having to depend on outside sources. We periodically publish articles and reports on products, strategies, regulatory issues and economics.

Timely Reports

  • At Raymond James our in-house research department offers a variety of research reports to fit your needs.
  • Fixed Income Market Commentary by Kevin Giddis
  • Donald Ratajczak’s Weekly and Monthly Commentary
  • This Week’s Market Opportunities
  • Fixed Income Spreads
  • Agency Market Reports
  • Mortgage Market Reports
  • Asset Allocation and Optimal Depository Portfolio Review
  • Projected Total Return Score Sheet
  • Total Return/Insurance Market Reports
  • Technical Update

Economic Outlook

Donald Ratajczak, Ph.D.
Raymond James Fixed Income Consulting Economist

Weekly Economic Commentary

Monthly Summary

Donald Ratajczak, Ph.D., works with Raymond James Fixed Income as a consulting economist. One of the leading econometric forecasters in the country, he is currently regents professor emeritus of economics at Georgia State University, having retired in 2000 after 27 years as director of the Economic Forecasting Center in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. He also serves on the board of directors of Crown Craft, Inc., Ruby Tuesday, Inc., Citizens Bancshares Corp. and AssuranceAmerica.

A highly sought speaker and consultant, Donald is frequently quoted and interviewed by both the print and broadcast media including The Wall Street Journal, Journal of Commerce, The New York Times, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, NBC, CNBC and CNN.

Donald ranked second for 2005 and fourth for 2006 in a national survey of the most accurate economic forecasters of the U.S. economy by USA Today and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. In this annual survey, the nation’s top 45 economists receive scores reflecting the accuracy of their forecasts against the actual outcomes for the economy in each of the previous year’s four quarters. The final rankings were based on the averages of those four scores.

Asset/Liability Management

Raymond James’ Asset/Liability Management Services provides clients with a robust, dynamic and comprehensive solution for measuring, monitoring and managing risk. The service leverages the technology of the nationally recognized Sungard Bancware 6 model, employing the institution’s core account data and custom behavioral assumptions. The analytics and model outputs meet or exceed regulatory requirements and provide management with a powerful tool to aid in strategic decision making.

Reporting Details

  • Earnings, economic value, liquidity, and economic capital at risk analysis
  • Eleven instantaneous, parallel shock scenarios and five ramped, non-parallel scenarios
  • Executive, Board and ALCO summary reports to aid in strategic decision-making
  • Detail reports incorporating account-level analysis and performance outputs
  • Liquidity analysis to support cash flow stress-testing and contingency funding planning
  • Seven-year simulation horizon modeled on a static and/or dynamic basis

Modeling Details

  • Securities modeled by regulator-recognized eFolio® system
  • Loans modeled on a line-item basis for all contractual elements such as floors, ceilings, periodic caps, repricing schedules and balloon dates
  • Deposits and borrowings modeled on an account-level basis, accounting for any optionality
  • Custom prepay, decay and beta assumptions

Consulting Services

  • Model assumptions consulting
  • Non-maturity deposit behavior analysis
  • Internal loan prepayment analysis
  • “What If?” modeling to support strategic decision-making:
  • Growth, runoff and new product scenarios
  • Prepayment and deposit behavior scenarios
  • Bond portfolio, loan, funding, capital and hedge strategy scenarios
  • Board/ALCO meeting consultation and on-site visits
  • Asset/liability continuing education presentations
  • Back-testing
  • Actionable strategy and product solutions


eFolio® is the first truly interactive proprietary online portfolio management system for institutions, giving you constant access to your portfolio and Raymond James’ inventory and research. Interact with your portfolio online, run what-if scenarios, shock your portfolio using interest rate assumptions and more.