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The Raymond James National Housing Group is dedicated solely to providing financial solutions to providers of single-family affordable housing programs and multi-family housing developments.

Housing transactions are inherently complex because of the accompanying analytical processes. Our analysts – some of the most skilled in the industry – develop proprietary models to achieve the type of analysis necessary to meet the issuer’s financing goals. Since 1988, we have structured more than 1,500 single-family mortgage revenue bond issues totaling more than $50 billion. In the past five years, we have utilized a broad range of enhanced and unenhanced multi-family housing bonds in managing more than 100 issues totaling more than $4.5 billion.

In 2017, Raymond James once again ranked as a Top 10 national underwriter for affordable housing issues, serving as senior or sole manager on 18 single-family and multi-family issues with a total par amount of $430 million.*

*Source: Thomson Reuters, based on total par amount

Single-Family Housing Finance Capabilities
  • PAC bonds
  • Pass-through bonds
  • Step coupon bonds
  • Forward delivery bonds
  • Tax-exempt / Taxable bonds
  • New money / Refunding bonds
  • TBA / Turnkey mortgage origination program
  • Cash flow & consolidated cash flow analytics
  • Mortgage credit certificates
  • Investment of proceeds / Specialty finance products
  • Whole loan securitization
Multi-Family Housing Finance Capabilities
  • Cash collateralized escrow bonds
  • Non-rated, non-credit enhanced bonds
  • New construction, acquisition / rehab and refinancing
  • FHA / Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac credit enhanced bonds
  • Public and private placements
  • Raymond James Tax Credit Funds
  • Investment of proceeds / specialty financial products

Representative clients include:

  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Arkansas Development Finance Authority
  • Capital Area Finance Authority, Louisiana
  • City and County of Denver, Colorado
  • Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
  • District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
  • El Paso County, Colorado
  • Finance Authority of New Orleans
  • Florida Housing Finance Corporation
  • Georgia Housing and Finance Authority
  • Housing Finance Authority of Lee County, Florida
  • Houston Housing Finance Corporation
  • Industrial Development Authority of the City of Phoenix
  • Industrial Development Authority of the County of Maricopa
  • Kentucky Housing Corporation
  • Louisiana Housing Corporation
  • MassHousing
  • Michigan State Housing Development Authority
  • Mississippi Home Corporation
  • Nevada Housing Division
  • New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
  • New York City Housing Development Corporation
  • New York State Housing Corporation
  • Oklahoma County Home Finance Authority
  • Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
  • South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority
  • Southern California Home Financing Authority
  • Tennessee Housing Development Agency
  • Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
  • Travis County Housing Finance Corporation
  • Urban Residential Finance Authority of the City of Atlanta
  • Vermont Housing Finance Agency
  • Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • West Virginia Housing Development Fund

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