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Raymond James has a commitment to affordable housing that dates back nearly seven decades. The Raymond James National Housing Group was the firm’s first specialty group within its Public Finance department, and is now one of the largest and longest standing municipal housing groups in the country. We have structured more than 1,500 mortgage revenue bond issues totaling more than $50 billion, and in 2017, we once again ranked as a Top 10 national underwriter for affordable housing bond issues.* In addition, Raymond James is recognized as one of the most innovative firms in the affordable housing industry, creating market timely products, such as our TBA-based “Turnkey” program, a first of its kind program created for housing finance agencies (HFAs) which has supported over $15 billion of single family loan reservations since this pioneering program was first launched in 2012.

*Source: Thomson Reuters, based on total par amount

Our Approach

The National Housing Group’s 17 housing professionals, located in 10 cities around the country, work closely with HFAs and affordable housing providers across the U.S., helping bring to market the most effective single family and multifamily financing structures based on then existing market conditions. By working to cultivate collaborative, productive, lasting partnerships with HFAs and developers, Raymond James has become one of the leading single family and multifamily housing finance platforms in the nation.

Full-service Capabilities

  • Single family bond underwriting
  • Multifamily bond underwriting
  • Tax-exempt/taxable executions
  • New money/refunding bonds
  • Private placements
  • TBA strategies/“Turnkey”
  • MBS sales/10-year strategies
  • Cash flow analytics
  • Drawdown recycling programs
  • Whole loan securitization
  • Mortgage credit certificates
  • GIC procurement/investment of proceeds

Representative Clients

  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Arkansas Development Finance Authority
  • Capital Area Finance Authority, Louisiana
  • City and County of Denver, Colorado
  • City of Aurora, Illinois
  • Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
  • District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
  • El Paso County, Colorado
  • Florida Housing Finance Corporation
  • Georgia Housing and Finance Authority
  • Housing Finance Authority of Lee County, Florida
  • Houston Housing Finance Corporation
  • Industrial Development Authority of the City of Phoenix
  • Industrial Development Authority of the County of Maricopa
  • Kentucky Housing Corporation
  • Louisiana Housing Corporation
  • MassHousing
  • Michigan State Housing Development Authority
  • Mississippi Home Corporation
  • Nevada Housing Division
  • New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
  • New York City Housing Development Corporation
  • New York State Housing Corporation
  • Oklahoma County Home Finance Authority
  • Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
  • South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority
  • Southern California Home Financing Authority
  • Tennessee Housing Development Agency
  • Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
  • Travis County Housing Finance Corporation
  • Tulsa County Housing Finance Agency
  • Urban Residential Finance Authority of the City of Atlanta
  • Vermont Housing Finance Agency
  • Virginia Housing Development Authority
  • West Virginia Housing Development Fund

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