Growing My Business

Your work is more than just a job. You invested years in seeing your company through the business life cycle, taking responsibility for its mission and caring for its workforce. Whether you’re a corporate executive looking for guidance with retirement plans or managing stock options, or you’re a business owner looking to sell or take your company public, your Raymond James advisor has the capabilities and resources to help your business reach the next level.

Retirement Plans

For most any business, the most valuable asset is its people. You want to take care of the people whose performance means so much to the success of your business. Your Raymond James advisor can help navigate your retirement plan options – simplified employee pensions (SEPs), SIMPLE IRAs, profit-sharing, 401(k) plans – and help you make the best choice to provide for the financial futures of you and your employees.

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Concentrated Equity

For many successful individuals, wealth management includes developing a strategy for concentrated holdings of stock in a single company. Solutions are often complex and time consuming, a challenge to even the most sophisticated investor. Your Raymond James advisor can assist you in implementing customized strategies for preserving and diversifying your holdings.*

Selling a Business

After years of building and nurturing a successful business, you’ll want to give careful consideration to a transition strategy when the time comes to part with such a big part of your life and net worth. Your Raymond James advisor can work with you and other professionals to help you understand your options and ensure that you and your company are prepared to take the next step.

Investment Banking Services

Running a business is complex business. Your Raymond James advisor can help you with a wide range of complex investment banking issues, including mergers and acquisitions and public offerings, to help your business grow and thrive.

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*Diversification does not guarantee a profit nor protect against a loss.

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