Affiliation Options

AdvisorChoice® is the right choice.

Our belief is simple – it’s your business, and we think you should decide how to run it. AdvisorChoice® is an affiliation platform that gives advisors an array of powerful options and the freedom to choose among them. Each affiliation option offers a unique combination of support, degree of freedom and the flexibility to build your business as you see fit.


Own your book of business and work in a branch setting where service, technology and operations associates provide you with comprehensive support.

Traditional Employee Independent Employee Alex. Brown Bank & Credit Union Advisors


As an independent business owner, you build and manage your business as you see fit. Draw as needed on a suite of world-class products, cutting-edge technology and our full range of service and support resources.

Independent Advisor Independent RIA Hybrid RIA


The institutional option offers comprehensive investment solutions, financial planning, and asset management services for financial and brokerage institutions.

Bank & Credit Union Advisors Custody & Clearing

New Advisors

Our Advisor Mastery Program offers education and training for the next generation of financial advisors, creating the opportunity to work formally with a mentor to build and refine skills through real-world applications.

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