Speakers Bureau: Economics

Scott Brown
Scott Brown, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Chief Economist
Equity Research

Possible Topic Title(s):
The Economic Outlook

Brief Topic Description(s):
- General Economic Outlook
- Employment
- Inflation
- Federal Reserve Policy / Interest Rates
- Fiscal Policy

Target Audience:
Economic, Municipalities, Banks, Total Return, Credit Unions

Ellis Phifer 
Ellis Phifer, CFA®, CMT

Managing Director
Total Return and Insurance Strategies

Possible Topic Title(s):
Fixed Income Strategies for the Current Economic Environment, Sector Valuations, Portfolio Strategy, Relative Value, Yield Curve Strategy, Total Return Ideas

Brief Topic Description(s):
Fixed Income Strategies for the Current Economic Environment: There’s always some uncertainty in the market. This presentation helps you make sense of what is affecting the market and sound ways to position your portfolio to take advantage of what the market is giving you.

Sector Valuations: We will discuss the various investment grade sectors and where and why certain attractive investments exist.

Portfolio Strategy: How an overall portfolio strategy should look now, as well as the tactical opportunities that currently exist.

Relative Value: We will discuss where relative value(s) exist(s) in the market today.

Yield Curve Strategy: Interest rate cycles last for years at a time, and ways to position your portfolio change as the curve twists and turns.

Total Return Ideas: We discuss which investment strategies and tactics will help you outperform on a total return basis.

Target Audience:
Economics, Municipalities, Total Return, Banks


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