Equity Sales, Trading & Syndicate

The Power of International Distribution.

Through our U.S. and foreign offices, the Raymond James institutional sales force services more than 1,800 domestic and international investors, representing the world’s leading institutions. This accomplished sales staff is supported by the trading division, which handles the timely processing of transactions, as well as the syndicate division, which coordinates marketing, distribution, pricing and stabilization of managed equity offerings.

Institutional Sales

Utilizing a research-driven process, our experienced Institutional Sales division is responsible for delivering crucial investment information about companies in key industries. Through our 27 domestic and international sales offices, we are equipped to serve the world’s largest institutional investors. Currently, we cover more than 1,000 domestic and 800 international accounts, utilizing established methods:

  • Focused service – We serve major U.S. and European institutions, with an emphasis on small- to medium-capitalization money managers. Our sales team members have a thorough understanding of the equity research and underwriting products offered by Raymond James.
  • Proven strategies – Because we know how important it is to connect, we seek to establish and maintain relationships between leading company management teams and potential institutional investors by organizing a minimum of 200 non-offering roadshow meetings each year. We also use a proprietary database to track client interest and ensure timely dissemination of information.

Institutional Trading

With more than 60 professional and support staff personnel, the Institutional Trading division is organized into three departments to most efficiently accommodate a full range of order execution and trading flow to the firm’s account base:

  • Sales trading – Covering more than 800 domestic and 1,300 international financial institutions, the Sales Trading department works in teams to provide primary and backup coverage to designated regions throughout North America and Europe.
  • Principal trading – Comprised of industry-focused teams, the Over-the-Counter Principal Trading department makes markets in more than 700 stocks, 85% of which are covered by our Institutional Research team.
  • Agency trading – This department serves the trading needs of the firm’s approximately 6,800 financial advisors located across 2,800 retail offices throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.

Equity Syndicate

The Equity Syndicate department coordinates the marketing, distribution, pricing and stabilization of Raymond James-managed equity offerings. Our marketing objective is to generate strong demand through four broad distribution channels:

  • Retail system – Approximately 6,800 financial advisors.
  • Domestic institutional investors – More than 1,000 active accounts.
  • International institutional investors – More than 800 active accounts investing in U.S. securities.
  • Syndicate group of firms – Raymond James financial advisors and domestic and international salespeople target potential shareholders with long-term investment strategies. We have several goals in the formation of a syndicate group:
    • Broaden awareness of the issuing company through our distribution channels.
    • Target syndicate members that have the potential to become additional market makers, as well as provide research coverage.
    • Work with company management teams to strategically price each offering in the best interest of the issuing company and its new retail and institutional investors.
    • Maintain a post-offering relationship with the issuing company.