Are You a Victim?

How Can You Tell if You’re the Victim of Identity Theft?

In addition to unexplained charges or withdrawals made to your accounts, signs that you may have become the victim of identity theft include:

-Failing to receive bills or other mail, which may signal an address change by the identity thief;

-Receiving credit cards and/or statements of accounts for which you did not apply;

-Being contacted by lenders or credit collection agencies for debts that you did not incur;

-Being contacted by the police after a crime is committed in your name;

-Being denied credit for no apparent reason;

-Receiving calls or letters from businesses about merchandise or services you did not buy; and

-Bouncing checks as a result of unauthorized withdrawals from your accounts.

Be on the lookout for signs that someone is misusing your information. The sooner you can spot the problem, the faster and less expensively you’ll be able to get your affairs back to normal.