User Guide

Secure Messaging is the email encryption service that Raymond James uses to safeguard your personally identifiable information (PII) when communicating with your financial advisors.

nullMessage Expiration and Time Out: Secure messages time out after 60 minutes and you will need to log back in to view your message. A secure message expires and is no longer viewable after 21 days from the original send date.

Opening a Secure Message

When you receive a secure email message, tap the email to open it. Click or tap the Click Here link to login to Secure Messaging and read your message.





Logging into Secure Message

The login screen that opens varies depending on your email address:


If your email address is associated with a Raymond James Client Access account, enter your Client Access login ID and password to view your secure message.

Login screen for secure message



If your email address is not associated with a Raymond James Client Access account, you will need to complete the registration screen shown below.

Note: If you have a Raymond James account but are seeing the Registration screen shown below, your email address is not associated with your Client Access account. Call Raymond James Client Services at 877-RJ-ACCESS (877-752-2237).

Logging into secure message registration




For any subsequent messages after first time registration, you will login to Secure Messaging using your registered email and password.

Logging into secure message

Replying to a Secure Message

If needed, you can reply to a secure message and your reply will also be encrypted.

Note: Secure messages cannot be forwarded and additional recipients cannot be added to replies.

Replying to a secure message screen