Investor Access Updates

Investor Access is now Client Access

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your online experience, the look, feel and functionality of Investor Access has been updated. The website is now responsive, meaning it will look great and work well on any device, whether that be a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile device. View Client Access FAQs here or read on to learn more about navigating the new site.

Click here for an interactive demo

Your new summary page



  • Balances for total assets and liabilities (if applicable) are located at the top of the page
  • You may notice increased emphasis on individual account balances
    • Additional account information is accessible by clicking the expand/collapse arrow
    • This is where you’ll find Prior Statement, Prior Year-End, Available Cash, and Available Margin (if applicable) balances
  • You can customize how you view your accounts by creating and/or managing account groupings in site preferences
  • A Value Over Time graph and Asset Growth chart are now available
    • There is a new tab called Analysis where you can view your asset allocation and the Value Over Time and Asset Growth reports in greater detail

Your new portfolio page



  • The account selector list is located in a dropdown menu at the top of the page
    • You can still choose to view your holdings for all of your accounts, a single account or any combination of accounts and groups
  • Unrealized gains and losses are viewable on the Current Value tab
  • The new group feature allows you to view holdings by type or by account, for example:
    • You can aggregate all of your holdings together or break them out by individual accounts
    • You can view all of your holdings and break them out by type or view individual holding types
  • Balances and other summary level information are available above the holdings detail
  • You can click the arrow to the left of the quantity to view more detailed information, such as:
    • Tax lots
    • Dividend payments
    • Market information
    • Recent news articles and/or Raymond James research (when applicable)

Your new consolidated Market Information and Research & Commentary tab

Rendering only; not actual screenshot.

  • Look for the Market Research tab to appear when viewing a company covered by Raymond James Equity Research