Executive Compensation Advisory Program

Equity compensation in the form of stock options and various types of restricted stock are meaningful vehicles for building wealth and can have a significant impact on your overall financial plan. Private Wealth Advisory has the experience and resources to help you develop strategies to optimize your equity compensation grants, manage the tax implications and integrate them into an effective overall wealth management plan.

Our executive compensation advisory program is a product of our experience working with numerous successful executives with limited time on their hands, and includes:

  • Equity compensation review, including stock options and restricted stock
  • Cash flow sustainability and stress testing
  • Retirement plan reviews
  • Estate planning analysis
  • Portfolio assessment and design

Comprehensive Solutions. Integrated Execution.

The Corporate & Executive Services team at Raymond James endeavors to provide industry leading services to our corporate clients. When you work with our team, you’ll find more than just executional expertise and deep knowledge of the institutional investor universe.