The freedom to take control of your future.

The decisions to retire or sell your practice, or to expand your business by buying an existing practice or forming a team, are among the most important – and complex – you can make. Succession & Acquisition Planning has developed the tools and the experience to guide you through these career-critical moments.

Planning for you like you plan for clients

“What’s next?” That’s the question our success and acquisition experts help you answer, providing support at every step whether you’re planning a step away or a step up.

Succession planning

You’ve guided others toward their dream retirements, but have you planned for your own?

Catastrophic planning

If your life takes an unexpected turn, is your business protected?

Team planning

Your business has a style all your own, how can you ensure the partner who shapes its future will be a complementary match?

Exit planning

When you’re ready to retire, will your exit plan support your clients, your goals and your professional legacy?

*The Industry Awards for brokers/dealers with greater than 1,000 advisors in the practice management category are based upon completion of a nomination application. For the 2022 awards, more than 300 companies submitted 900 nominations. Firms nominate their initiatives created to help advisors better do their jobs. Firms can submit their initiative nominations for one of 128 total award subcategory awards. A panel of industry professionals, which includes individuals from industry publications, industry consulting firms and brokerage/advisory firms, are selected to vet the finalists and vote on a winner or winners for a particular category or subcategory award. The honorees were chosen for the award based upon the following methodology: No. 1 A new initiative, program or enhancement to an existing platform that helps broker/dealer advisors manage a better business. No. 2 Initiatives can include the various practice management areas, such as marketing services/support, sales process, succession planning, human capital, organizational structures, business planning/strategy, compensation plans, benchmarking or compliance. No. 3 Criteria include quantitative measures, such as scope, scale, adoption, usage, feature set, advisor survey scores, etc., along with qualitative measures, such as innovation, creativity and new methods of delivery. This award is bestowed by an independent third party not affiliated with Raymond James. Raymond James has not paid a fee in exchange for this award. This recognition is not an endorsement of Raymond James or representative of client experience with the firm or its advisors.